Essay Correction

Just One Error Can Rob You Of Your Band Score

Dear IELTS Test-taker,

Could this be you? You sit there in front of your computer. You've pondered for hours on the essay question. You wrack your brain but there's just silence. Then the ideas come gradually, slowly and finally you breathe a sigh of relief when you finish your 250-word essay.

But wait! How do you know if you've done it right? Who's gonna check how many grammar mistakes you've made? Who's gonna point out what needs to improve in your writing.

You don't need that uncertainty in your life when your future depends on that one essay. Writing with confidence is your key to opportunities whether working or studying abroad.

You don't want to take that risk. That is why you need someone to correct your essays for you. 

That's where our essay correction service comes in.

Why choose our IELTS essay correction?
  • affordable packages
  • experienced IELTS teachers
  • learn your essay mistakes
  • free IELTS writing makeover
How does it work?
1. Choose from 3 options below then make a payment. You will receive an email with further instructions.
2. Write your essay in MS Word format then email it back to us.
3. Your essay will be evaluated and you will receive your feedback with bandscore within 1-3 days.

For questions or clarifications, feel free to email and please write on your subject line "Essay Correction". 



Best regards,


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