30 Days to A Better IELTS Writing E-book

Dear Frustrated Writer,

Are you struggling with your writing? Do you have trouble organizing your ideas? Do you find it hard to begin your essay?

You can write faster, clearer and better essays in just 30 days. Here's the perfect solution to your writing woes: The 30 Days to a Better IELTS Writing E-book! The e-book is a product from my blog, A Teacher's Odyssey.

What can you expect from my e-book?

  •  69 IELTS essays with complete feedback based on IELTS criteria
  • 10 Best Books in IELTS Ever
  • 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective IELTS Test Takers
  • Resources for IELTS Takers
It is my hope that you will improve your writing skills as you do the writing tasks in the e-book. The e-book can be downloaded just by clicking the link below. It will only cost you $6.99. Not bad, huh? It's good value for your money.

Good luck to your IELTS and happy reading!

Best regards,


Download: 30 Days to a Better IELTS Writing E-book