Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Kairos Experience

Last November 26-27, I attended Kairos, a life-anchoring weekend at Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay. I was really excited because it was my first time to visit Nurture Wellness Village. Despite the rains, the place didn't disappoint. The ambiance was really relaxing and conducive to meditation.

We were first treated with a sumptuous snack. The food was really good and healthy. I love their ice teas especially the jasmine ice tea.

And so our first session began. Our session room is pretty impressive and very cozy. Everything is so instagrammable from the poetry corner to the book corner.

Our coaches, Steph Escareal and Lei Lava welcomed us and we had our innogizer to break the ice. We shared a little bit about ourselves and why we joined the Kairos weekend. I joined the weekend because I wanted to know what's in store for me for 2017.

The Photo Therapy was quite interesting. As we pick and swapped photos, we were able to get several insights about life from sharing with the other participants. The photos that I got really spoke to me and gave me a better perspective about my future plans.

We had two individual coaching sessions and I had Steph as my coach. Steph was very helpful in terms of identifying the next steps to achieve my plans for 2017. I shared with her that I think I have found my word for 2017. After our sessions, I felt very excited and more confident about 2017.

My creative juices were also put to the test as I did my vision board. I thoroughly enjoyed cutting and pasting as my vision for 2017 became clearer. I'm so proud of my vision board and I can't wait to make them a reality for 2017.

The Kairos weekend is not only about the soul but it's also about wellness. We had Tai-chi sessions which I did for the first time.

After the Tai-chi session, we went on an organic farm tour. The place is really huge. We had a welcome guyabano drink which was quite good. Our tour guide, Nanay Lina, shared with us many stories and information about the different medicinal herbs and plants. The tour gave me a better appreciation about organic food and vegetables. I admire the way they maintain the farm.

All in all, the Kairos weekend recharged me and made me more determined to pursue my goals for 2017. Despite the short time, I had a lot of fun and I got to know new people who also want to have a better life. I highly recommend the Kairos weekend for those who need direction in their lives, those who are going through transitions and those who are searching for answers about life.

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