Friday, November 4, 2016

The Best Me: A Work in Progress

2016 is almost over! At the final stretch of the year, I usually look back and see how my year has been. My word for 2016 is hope which I was able to discover through the Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook. It's been my habit to plan my year and write down my goals and do my vision board.

Even though I lost my dad and my friend, Yselle this year, 2016 is still a very good year for me in terms of what I have accomplished. It has been a very, very busy year with all the work and extra-curricular activities. I have managed to cross off Batanes and New Zealand in my bucketlist. Not to mention bungy jumping! Achievement unlocked!

And so I'm pretty much excited about 2017! I'm doing something different to help me find out what's in store for me for the next year. I'm doing something kind of an Eat, Pray, Love kind of thing. And because life has been very hectic this year, I want to just take time to pause and reflect with nature. So I have signed up for Kairos: A Life-Anchoring Weekend on November 26-27 at Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay.

 So why should you go to this weekend? Let me give you five reasons:

1. Beautiful Scenery

I've heard so much about Nurture Wellness Village. The luscious greenery makes it very conducive for reflection and relaxation. The blue and clean swimming pool adds to the peaceful ambience of the place.

2. Healthy and Delicious Food

Expect a healthy serving of organic food and vegetables served fresh straight from their farms. Kale is their signature product. They also served healthier but tasty meat where fat is skimmed.

3. Fun Nurture Activities

There are many wellness activities that you can take part of which will help you value your health more. You will learn Qi gentle breathing and stretching exercises which will improve your heart. There is also a coffee making and healthy juice preparation demo to give you tips on how to prepare healthier beverages. The Nurture organic farm tour also is a must-visit where you will see the different herbs and vegetables used for cooking.

4. Rejuvenate Yourself

We all need some me time. We need time away from the stress and noise. The Kairos Weekend will re-energize you so that you will be ready to face the challenges at work or at home.

5. Opportunities to Discover Your Purpose and Passion

At Kairos, you will get to know yourself better through the different powerful personal activities such as the Kairos Life Anchoring sessions, Photo Therapy and one-on-one life coaching. There's plenty of time to reflect on your life and focus on the right priorities through journaling and serendipity walks.

I hope you can join me in this exciting journey so that you can find the best you for 2017! So, what do you think about the Kairos Weekend? Are you ready for the best you? If you have questions about the Kairos Weekend, you can call Gilana Roxas at 09178266156 or e-mail her Don't pass up this amazing opportunity. You can already sign up here.