Friday, August 10, 2012

Sa TESDA, May Choice Ka! Blog Contest

In celebration of TESDA's 18th year anniversary, it has launched "Sa TESDA, May Choice ka! blog entry contest. This contest is open to all Filipino bloggers young and old alike, whether here or living abroad. Bloggers who wish to join should have at least 3 entries on their blogs before joining the contest. The blog post should be between 300-500 words and should promote TESDA's slogan: "Sa TESDA, May Choice Ka!" It can be written either in English or Filipino or both. Deadline of submission of entries is on August 15, 2012. Blog link entries should be emailed to

There will be 4 winners that will be awarded:
1. First Prize - P5,000
2. Viewer's Choice Award - P3,000
3. Most Informative Blog Award - P3,000
4. Most Creative Blog Award - P3,000

Announcement and awarding of winners will be done during the TESDA 18th Anniversary Celebration on August 24, 2012. For more details about the contest, visit the TESDA website.

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