Tuesday, January 5, 2010


News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in newspaper. What factor do you think influence their decisions? ˇDo we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was reported?
One commonly discussed issue nowadays is the selection of news by editors to broadcast on televison and to print in newspaper. Television and newspapers provide us with information about global and local news, financial and business information, and all kinds of entertainment. For sure, there are techniques and methods to choose a proper mediaˇ developed and in use for news makers. In my opinion, the main determining factors are: audience, speed of production and covering region.
Speed is crucial factor in shaping ne ws into the appropriate structure. TV provides excellent possibilities for broadcasting at any time and in the most effective way. Every person watches TV or at least news shows. And modern telecommunication technologies allow us to create it in real time from the hot spot, while in a newspaper we could read about certain events the next?ˇmorning.
On the other hand, not every region or small town has its own TV channel, but most of them have a local newspaper. In the local newspaper we are informed about all important news and events for inhabitants of this region. In this way, newspapers provide an excellent choice depending on the covered region or city. And, certainly, not every small region could afford expensive broadcasting time.
Other important things to consider are news audiences, the people for whom this news is made. All people have different interests and goals. For instance, business people watch or read financial news first thing in the morning, while medical specialists interested in pharmaceutical or health related research. Also the age of news consumers is very important. Children just get bored to look at financial tables!
To recap, to apply the best media source for news programmes, news editors must care about people who would be interested in the information provided, as well as about geographical place of the audience and the speed of news production.


Although you were able to provide the factors that influence news editors, the examples and the main points do not completely address the issue. The issue is more on the content of the news. However, you focused more on the medium.

You have made use of transition words to show a different point of view, to give examples and to summarize.

Vocabulary is varied and meaning is clear. The language used was easy to understand. Words were used appropriately.

Revise the following spelling errors like "televison" and "ws". Add an article before "crucial factor".


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