Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Golden teaching moments don't come everyday. When they do come, we should celebrate them. I had one such experience with my adult English class. It was one for the books for me.

We had a panel interview activity wherein four people were being interviewed by the class. A question was thrown to Diane, Ronald, Imey and Ariza regarding which classmate had the most impact on them. I was expecting that they would pick the leaders or the extroverts. Ronald was first and his answer astounded me. Ronald chose the last person that I would have expected. He picked Noel and he justified his reason quite well. Ronald said that the first time he heard Noel speak, he hardly spoke a word. He was stuttering and he definitely lacked the confidence. But now, he saw a different Noel. Gone was the shy guy. Noel now volunteers to speak in front of the class. He indeed has grown in confidence and his speech has improved.

It was an emotional moment. Some of the students shed tears. I wasn't able to hold back mine too. But it wasn't finished yet. Diane also spoke and added three more people, Janeth, Benj and Abdul. They were considered weak in terms of accent. Diane said that they have made an impact on her. Even if they have their weakness, they did their best to improve themselves and overcome their limitations.

That day, four people stood six feet tall. My students were able to look beyond their imperfections. They improved a lot because the other students pushed them up. This class had that special bonding because they build each other up. And that makes me one proud teacher.