Monday, May 4, 2009


Not all teachers are equal. Teachers have different styles, personalities, and approaches. What kind of teacher are you?

1. The Student's Pet
Let's face it. Students have their favorite teachers. This is the teacher that's popular to the students. She's the cool one because she says the right things.

2. The Accidental Teacher
This type of teacher entered the teaching profession by accident. Teaching wasn't her first choice. Perhaps, she came into teaching because it was an easy job to get into. However, she became a convert and has grown to love her job.

3. Mr. Techie
Mr. Techie knows the latest technologies and gadgets. His lessons are all in Powerpoint. His teaching toolbox includes webquests, flash games, videos, MP3s. He utilizes various social media sites in his lessons such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

4. The Terrorist
Intimidation is his middle name. He takes delight in terrorizing his students. He always barks his lecture. Wrong move from you can spell academic death.

5. The Walking Sleeping Pill
This teacher is so boring that he puts his students into sleep. His voice drones on and on like a monotone. She teaches by the book and is concerned more on finishing her lessons.

6. The Liberal
The liberal likes to shock her students by using vulgar language. Her teaching methods are unorthodox with an aim to open her students' minds to the harsh realities of the world. The liberal teacher often gets into trouble with the principal for her liberal views.

7. The Entertainer
The entertainer is one great storyteller. She tells funny stories that elicit laughter from her class. She is animated when teaching her lessons.

Do you have other teachers you want to add to my list? I welcome your comments and ideas.

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