Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Home-schooling is a growing trend nowadays. Maybe it wouldn’t be a trend. Maybe it would be here to stay. In home-schooling, the parent acts as the teacher with a set of books and curriculum on hand.

What if I were home-schooled? If I were home-schooled, I think I would have a better relationship with my mother. I would have more quality time with her. She would have had greater influence over me and would have had a greater sense of achievement knowing that she taught me directly.

If I were home-schooled, we would have saved more money because the tuition is cheaper. There would be no uniforms, school fees, school bus fees as well as my school lunch.

If I were home-schooled, I wouldn’t have met my friends whom I have shared a lot of good as well as bad memories. I wouldn’t have received awards and citations for my achievements. I wouldn’t have become a class officer in my class and a cadet officer of my batch. I wouldn’t have encountered my teachers who have inspired me to become a good teacher. I wouldn’t have experienced the highlights of high school life like the prom, sports events, graduation, bulletin board contests, choral competitions, etc.

So is home-schooling for you? Not everyone is for home-schooling. Yes, home-schooling has great benefits. If the mother is a fulltime housewife, this would be an ideal set-up. But for a working mom with multiple kids, it would mean lesser time for herself. If you’re a home-school mom, I would like to hear your experience.

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