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What are Filipinoisms? Fiipinoisms are expressions that only Filipinos can understand. They might seem right for Filipinos but if you talk to a native speaker, they might go "Duh? What the heck do you mean by that?" Here is my list of the top 10 Filipinoisms. Feel free to add to my list if you have other ideas.

1. For a while

This is usually used when talking to someone over the phone and you want to put the person on hold. The proper way should be "please hold" or "hold your line please."

2. Come again

You often hear this when somebody failed to get your message. Use "pardon" or "I'm sorry. Can you please repeat it?"

3. It's so traffic.

Traffic means flow of vehicles. Instead, you should say "traffic is so heavy". There is light and there is heavy traffic.

4.Open/Close the Light

It should be turn on or turn off the light.

5. Can I please talk to Mr. Garcia?

Can means ability. When asking for permission, one should use may. The right expression should be "May I please speak with Mr. Garcia?"

6. C.R.

C.R. means comfort room. Only Filipinos understand this. The proper way should be "I'm going to the toilet/comfort room/john."

7. Bottomless

This used to describe unlimited drinks such as iced tea. There is no such thing as bottomless. The correct way should be "refillable."

8.Take out

The better expression should be "to go".

9. Going down

We often hear this expression when commuting. "I'm going down at EDSA." The right way should be "I'm getting off at EDSA."

10. Tucked out

This refers to shirts. The correct way should be "untucked".

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