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This post has been inspired by Natasa in her blog entry:
Natasa's blog: Day 2 - 31DBBB:25 Ways to Keep Your EFL Students Motivated

Here are 5 more ways to motivate your students:

1. Use music to introduce a lesson.

I use a lot of songs to teach grammar. For example, when teaching prepositions I use the song "Get Here". Then students will fill in the gaps with prepositions as they listen to the song. After checking the answers, students love to sing along.

2. Use visual aids in the classroom.

The adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" is still true in the classroom. In the age of MTV, students like to see animated pictures. Moreover, pictures increase memory retention.

3. Speak their language.

Know what are the current trends. What makes your students tick? During my initial days in teaching high school, Harry Potter was popular then. So I sorted my students according to the different houses. Currently, students are interested in Twilight, Youtube and Facebook.

4. Foster healthy competion among your students.

Teaching grammar can be very boring. To perk up my students, I use a lot of games. I use the Harry Potter point system to award groups for outstanding written pieces, performances or games.

5. Increase student talk time.

Students should talk more than the teacher. To encourage shy students, I pair them up and give discussion starters.

I hope these ideas will prove to be helpful in your classes. Feel free to comment and add your own ideas.

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