Thursday, June 21, 2018

Technology's Impact on English Learning

The following article is a guest post from Anna Kokkali from KnowbleReader. She talks about the effects of technology on students learning English.

“Educational technology” is progressively being introduced in classrooms. Some of these new technologies include mobile devices and the internet which are used to help students complete their courses and learn above all. But the question is, how easy is it for teachers to use new technological means? Are teachers aware of their true benefits?

The US Department of Education, showed that teachers are already using technology for grading, lesson planning and creating appropriate assessments for students. Let’s not forget what Edison had stated, Books will soon be obsolete in the public schools..our school system will be completely changes inside of ten years”. Instead, of facing technology as an enemy of education, we should treat it as an ally, and leverage all the opportunities that it has to offer. How can technology affect the English learning process?”

Technology can also be proven very useful for teachers to assess students in learning a new language. There are online assessments for English, aiding tutors to define their students’ level, creating different classes and assigning projects accordingly. This will eventually lead to a better structure of education and a system that will be more efficient.

Online tools for learning English like Duolingo, KnowbleReader, FlunetU and many more aim to provide students with additional learning material and promoting an interactive way of learning English. However, many students have the impression that learning English, is boring and time consuming, and they think of it as something mandatory. But online applications can be  fun and interesting.Using these tools, can transform education into a more interesting process from the students’ perspective and therefore, teaching will be more efficient. Students will improve rapidly and learning English will never be the same.

Technology can also decrease the cost of education and make it more accessible to students. Forget all those English textbooks and paper material. Now students can have access to digital clouds and shared accounts, from where they can download all exercises, and practise at their free time, without the constraints of desks and chairs and textbooks’ costs. To add on that, most of the applications for learning English, aforementioned, are free or with minimal cost. Therefore, students can practise daily, for as long as they want, without any additional cost.

However, technology of course, can’t replace human interaction For example, technology can’t fully replace the empathy,the warmth and the nuances that a teacher provides his/her students. We should not confuse ourselves, thinking that teachers should or would be substituted. We have to keep in mind that there are many things that technology isn’t able to provide.  Demonstrating critical thinking is another example of what technology can’t fully replace. Still, technology is evolving in so many ways, and with such a pace that is hard to keep track of all the development. This progress integrates in our lives, without us having time to “digest”. It is important for teachers to use technology in their favour and just as an addition to their work, in order to improve the learning process and deliver better results.

In the end, the process of learning English can be difficult and complicated. It’ll probably take years to perfect it, but small actions have a dramatic impact, and a little practice every day goes far. By using tools like apps like Duolingo or KnowbleReader, learning English becomes a second-nature. Learning becomes easily integrated into your daily life and will become an adventurous and enjoyable process. You’ll start to pick up all sorts of English words just from reading online news. Good luck in your English learning journey!


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